Cameron heads to Scotland for talks with Salmond

Cameron will hold talks with First Minister Alex Salmond in his first trip as prime minister.

David Cameron is setting off on his first trip since becoming Prime Minister, with a visit to Scotland for talks with First Minister Alex Salmond. Cameron, who has promised to treat the devolved government with "respect", is expected to face pressure to concede further cash and spending powers for Holyrood.

Salmond will call on Cameron to bring forward £350m of capital spending to aid Scotland's economic recovery and will also request the Treasury releases cash for Scotland held in the fossil fuel levy, worth £180m.

Ahead of the talks, Salmond said: "The people of Scotland expect Scotland's first minister to stick up for Scotland's interests and that is what I am going to do."

He added: "In terms of the fossil fuel levy, that is almost £200m, paid for by Scottish generators, lying in a London bank account, that can only be spent on renewable energy in Scotland.

"We don't have access to it at the moment because the previous government's position has been, if we access that funding it would be deducted from health and education funding in Scotland.

"There is an example of something which could be released to generate thousands of jobs in Scotland in the major opportunity of marine renewables and it would be no dis-benefit to anyone else whatsoever."

Cameron will be accompanied by the Liberal Democrat Secretary of State for Scotland, Danny Alexander.