Polling station chaos as general election closes

Voters turned away from polling stations following large turnout.

Police were called to some polling stations and some voters tried to prevent ballot boxes leaving others. In Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg's Sheffield Hallam constituency, hundreds of voters were turned away as polling stations closed for the day. Mr Clegg apologised to people who had been unable to vote.

The scene was repeated across the UK late yesterday evening, with voters being turned away at 10pm from polling stations in Hull, Leeds and Newcastle. At Liverpool Wavertree, several polling stations closed temporarily as they ran out of ballot papers.

In Chester, Labour has said they will challenge the result following claims that more than 600 people were unable to vote because the electoral list had not been updated. Meanwhile, in London, voters were turned away from a polling station in Hackney in east London after queuing for over an hour. Police were called to deal with voters who staged sit-in.

Elsewhere in the capital, angry voters were turned away at 10pm despite waiting outside polling stations. In Lewisham, in south London, approximately 300 people were turned away from a polling station. However another in the area opted to remain open for an extra half hour.