Hung parliament still likely, post-debate poll shows

New YouGov poll suggests press attacks have not damaged Clegg as Lib Dem support rises to 29 per cen

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Latest poll (YouGov/Sun) Labour 50 seat short of a majority.

No party has clearly benefited from the second televised leaders' debate, according to the first opinion poll to be published since the event.

The latest daily YouGov survey for the Sun showed the Tories unchanged on 34 per cent, with Labour also unchanged on 29 per cent and the Liberal Democrats up one point to 29 per cent.

Instant reaction polls on the debate showed there was no clear winner, one reason why the figures have changed little since Thursday night.

The Lib Dems will be relieved that the fierce attacks on Nick Clegg by the right-wing press appear not to have dented the party's record support. If repeated at the election on a uniform swing, the latest figures would leave Labour 50 seats short of an overall majority in a hung parliament.

New Statesman Poll of Polls

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Hung parliament, Labour 56 seats short.

But elsewhere, a new Harris poll for the Daily Mail showed a small boost for the Conservatives following the debate. The poll put the Tories up three points to 34 per cent, with the Lib Dems down one to 29 per cent and Labour unchanged on 26 per cent. On a uniform swing, this result would leave the Conservatives 51 seats short of a majority.

George Eaton is political editor of the New Statesman.