Last PMQs before the election

The leaders of the three main parties prepare for their final Commons clash before the election.

Gordon Brown faces his last prime minister's questions before the election at midday, as the horse trading continues over the final bills he is pushing through Parliament.

Following yesterday's calling of the election for May 6, it is an opportunity for the leaders of the main parties to make an early mark on the electoral campaign, which will feature them in three live televised debates for the first time.

The build-up has already started, with Nick Clegg branding Gordon Brown a "Del Boy" on Radio 4's Today programme in mockery of the prime minister's promises on political reform, and accusing the Tories of planning a secret VAT hike.

With the latest poll showing a narrowing of the Conservative lead to eight points following yesterday's announcement, the economy is being seen as a key determinant of public opinion.