Lib Dems fall back into third place in new poll

Latest YouGov poll puts Tories five points ahead of Labour.

The Liberal Democrats have fallen back into third place in the wake of a series of right-wing attacks on Nick Clegg, according to a new opinion poll.

The latest daily YouGov survey for the Sun put the Tories up one point to 34 per cent, with Labour up two to 29 per cent and the Lib Dems down three to 28 per cent. If repeated at the election on a uniform swing, the latest figures would leave Labour 47 seats short of an overall majority in a hung parliament.

The New Statesman Poll of Polls gives the Tories a lead of three points over the Lib Dems. It puts the Tories on 33.2 per cent, the Lib Dems on 30.2 per cent and Labour on 26.4 per cent. On a uniform, the figures would leave the Tories 68 seats short of an overall majority.