Tory lead over Labour narrows to 6 points

YouGov poll for the Sunday Times (21 February) reveals narrowest Tory lead since 2008.

The latest opinion poll published in the Sunday Times confirms the contraction of the Tory lead over Labour to around six points. The Tories continue to lead with 39 per cent to Labour's 33 per cent. This is a drop from an average recorded a few weeks ago of 40 per cent and above.

The result is likely to produce renewed discussion on the possibility of a hung parliament and the failure of one party to win an outright majority.

The poll reveals that Gordon Brown's approval rating has increased to minus 21, whilst Cameron's remains around plus 12, the lowest since February 2009. In spite of this blow to the Tories' election campaign, the party maintains a steady hold over the lead thanks to its success in key marginal constituencies.

The slow and uncertain progress of the economic recovery is thought to be one of the key reasons for Labour's continuing struggle in the polls. Allegations of bullying by Gordon Brown have also impacted negatively on Labour's popularity.