Expenses MPs ordered to pay back more than £1m

"Culture of deference" allowed MPs to abuse the system, Sir Thomas Legg's report will conclude.

MPs are braced for a "devastating" final verdict on the expenses scandal by the former civil servant charged with probing their claims.

Sir Thomas Legg will criticise the "culture of deference" MPs created in which they expected Commons officials to unquestioningly pay out for their claims. He is expected to reveal that 350 MPs have been asked to repay a total of over £1m. Legg will accuse MPs of ignoring the Nolan principles, written into MPs' code of conduct, which require all public servants to act with integrity, openness and honesty.

But Legg's review is likely to come under fire from Sir Paul Kennedy, a former judge, who oversaw appeals against the ruling by scores of MPs during January. He will criticise the inquiry for retrospectively changing the rules after the scandal broke in May.


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