Police launch investigation into Iris Robinson's financial affairs

Former MP faces probe over £50,000 loan to teenage lover

Police in Northern Ireland have launched a criminal investigation into the financial dealings of former Democratic Unionist Party MP Iris Robinson.

Robinson is alleged to have obtained £50,000 from two property developers to help her 19-year-old lover, Kirk McCambley, launch his business.

Her husband, Peter Robinson, the leader of the DUP, stepped down as Northern Ireland's first minister over allegations he failed to report the loan given to his wife to the authorities. He denies any wrongdoing and insists his name will be cleared.

Mrs Robinson, who was expelled from the DUP and quit as an MP after the scandal broke, is currently receiving psychiatric treatment after tryingto kill herself last March when she confessed to her husband about her affair.

The Northern Ireland Assembly's Committee on Standards and Privileges had begun an inquiry into the conduct of the couple but is thought the police investigation is likely to delay its conclusions.


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