T-Solar, Global Ecopower to develop 120MW PV plants in France

Spanish T-Solar Group has signed an agreement with French Global Ecopower to jointly develop 120MW p

The promotion, construction and operation of these photovoltaic plants will be through a joint venture, called T-SEP and formed on a 50-50 basis by Global EcoPower and T-Solar.

The joint venture will benefit from the regulatory framework in France for solar installations, in place during the next three years. The French government officially published on January 12 feed-in-tariffs for ground (31.4cEUR/Kwh plus indexation) and roof top installations (between 42cEUR and 50cEUR/Kwh plus indexation), with an obligation to buy the production for 20 long years.

The two companies therefore see this strategic alliance as benefiting and expediting their respective plans for growth. By virtue of the agreement, the power plants promoted by this joint venture will be insured by the German Allianz company.

T-Solar Group has invested over EUR1bn in a business project, which integrates all activities that comprise the value chain of the photovoltaic sector. The company claims that its new factory produces the biggest photovoltaic panels in the market (5.7 m2), using thin film hydrogenated amorphous silicon technology. Full automation of the factory enables it to reach a production capacity of 700,000m2 of modules per year, equivalent to a power rating of 45MW/year.

The group furthermore promotes, manages and operates its own photovoltaic plants in order to market the electricity they generate. It currently has 28 photovoltaic parks in Spain that produce an installed power output of 143.39MW and occupy an area of 550 hectares, distributed over 26 municipalities of 16 provinces and eight autonomous regions.

Global EcoPower concentrates its activities on the development, construction and operation of solar projects in France, where it is currently developing 36 projects representing a potential installed capacity of 270MW, mainly in the South of France. The group's strategy is to keep 50 per cent of the plants for its own account and to sell the remaining 50 per cent to third parties.