Chrysler subsidiary updates on battery electric vehicle sales

Global Electric Motorcars (GEM), Chrysler's wholly-owned subsidiary, has reported the sales figure o

The company sold around 40,000 GEM battery-electric vehicles in the low speed vehicle industry (LSV).

According to Chrysler, GEM vehicle line is 100 per cent electric and emits zero tailpipe emissions. GEM vehicles have been driven around 500 million emission-free miles, saving around 19.5 million gallons of gasoline.

Steve Bartoli, head of regulatory affairs and engineering planning at Chrysler Group, said: "GEM is a successful example of how Chrysler Group is reducing CO2 emissions while answering customer needs for alternatively powered vehicles. GEM is directly responsible for cutting CO2 output by more than 93,000 tons by replacing gasoline-powered vehicles with electric vehicles."

GEM battery-electric vehicle, which features a top speed of 25 mph and a range of up to 30 miles on a charge, are suitable for short-distance transportation and are driven on medical and corporate campuses, universities, military bases, resorts, sports stadiums, gated communities and residential streets.

GEM battery-electric vehicles are available in six models and can be customized with a variety of options and accessories. They are used for running errands, driving to work or school, hauling equipment or transporting people around work facilities.
Fargo, North Dakota-based manufacturer was acquired ten years ago by Chrysler Group.