Tories 14 points ahead in new poll

Party on track for a majority of 96 seats at the next election

The Conservatives remain on track for a large majority at the next election after a new poll gave them a 14 point lead over Labour.

The YouGov/Sun poll put the Conservatives on 42 per cent, with Labour trailing on 28 per cent and the Liberal Democrats on 17 per cent.
If repeated at a general election, the figures would give the Tories a 96-seat Commons majority.

The Conservative leader, David Cameron was named by 38 per cent of voters as the person who would make the best prime minister, compared to 19 per cent for Gordon Brown.

But in a sign that a significant number of voters remain sceptical of the Tory party, only 34 per cent said that Cameron had the right team to lead Britain.

The poll also revealed growing public concern over the government's military strategy in Afghanistan. Seven in ten voters said that Brown was doing a "very bad" or "fairly bad" job of supporting British troops in the country.

The electorate remains divided over the decision by the Scottish executive to release the Lockerbie bomber, Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi. A slim majority of voters, 51 per cent, said that Gordon Brown should have publicly opposed the decision.