Basque bombers strike in Burgos

Sixty injured after Basque separatists attack police barracks in Northern Spain

More than sixty people were injured this morning in northern Spain in a bomb attack. The bomb, planted by Eta, the militarist Basque separatist group, destroyed the front wall of a police barracks in northern Spain.

There were no fatalities, but police officers staying at the barracks, as well as their families and neighbours were all among the injured.

The bomb was planted in a car located in a wasteland just outside of the barracks, on the side where the officers and there families were sleeping. The explosion also shattered windows of the neighbouring houses.

Carlos Moleno, spokesman for the emergency services, said: "It is extremely lucky that no one died because it was a terrible explosion. We got the first call at 4:01 am and within 10 minutes we had had 60 calls. I think the whole city called because the bomb was heard a long way off."

No-one caught by the blast was seriously injured, with most suffering bruising and cuts from the broken glass.

Spanish daily El Mundo, citing sources close to the police inquiry, reported that police are investigating the possibility that the van used to house the bomb was stolen from within France

Eta have been campaigning for Basque independence in northern Spain and south-western France for the last 40 years. During this time, they have been responsible for over 800 deaths.

This was their eighth bombing of the year. The last one, in June, killed a police officer.

Spanish Interior Minister Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba recently described Eta as being "at their weakest ever" following arrests of leaders.