Labour falls to lowest ever poll rating

Party tied with Liberal Democrats on 18 per cent

Labour has recorded its lowest poll rating since modern records began, with the party falling 10 points to 18 per cent in the latest Ipsos MORI poll. The rating was well below those achieved under Michael Foot after the establishment of the breakaway Social Democratic Party.

The Conservatives were unchanged on 39 per cent, while the Liberal Democrats were tied with Labour on 18 per cent.

As with other recent polls, minority parties achieved a higher than usual level of support. The UK Independence Party continues to appear the main beneficiary of protest votes, supported by 7 per cent of those polled. The Green Party is also winning more support than usual, backed by 6 per cent of respondents.

The British National Party was on 4 per cent, although some voters are known to conceal their support for the far-right party from pollsters.