We test the temperature of the nation this week

WHO report finds only 31 per cent of HIV/Aids sufferers in poor countries have access to treatment

200,000 Burmese yet to receive aid a month after Cyclone Nargis

Labour has failed on youth crime and reoffending, admits government

China is forced to evacuate thousands, amid fears of post-quake flooding

£4bn slashed from UK banking sector as Bradford & Bingley share value slumps

Robert Mugabe flouts an EU travel ban to attend a UN food summit in Rome

cloud and sun
Gordon Brown proves he’s in touch with the people by phoning voters who write in to No 10

First gay marriages in Greece – although some dispute their legal status

Researchers find mathematical formula for “the perfect voice”

US scientists unveil CO2 scrubber with potential to cut global warming

More than 100 nations, including the UK, agree to ban cluster bombs

A new brain cancer vaccine may double the survival time of patients

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Summary: Brown facing choppy waters over vote on 42 days detention
Bleak times ahead unless world food production is drastically increased, Ban Ki-moon warns