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A new era demands fresh answers, and in this week's NS we seek to provide them. We've asked the top five centre-left think-tanks to produce mini-manifestos. We also have pleas to Gordon Brown from well-known figures. We want to hear your views on the website and in the magazine.

Our Inside track section is setting the agenda. This week, Peter Wilby separates fact from rhetoric in education, Kevin Maguire suspects a different motive for Alastair Campbell's self-censorship, and Tara Hamilton-Miller shares advice for budding Tory candidates. Adam Boulton also provides musings with Brown at Hay and with Blair in Africa.

In the coming weeks, we will have a superlative photo essay by Nick Danziger and a portrait of Brown up close by a top novelist.

At the same time, our website has been stealing the headlines with Graham Brady's outspoken attack on David Cameron's grammar school policy, a move that has led Brady to quit his post.

John Kampfner, Editor