Letter of the week: Publish cancer report now

The situation regarding radiotherapy-based cancer treatment that Lois Rogers outlines is bleak (Columns, 29 January), but a lot of good practice is taking place. The biggest issue is the shortage of therapeutic radiographers, who deliver the treatment. There is an immense feeling of frustration because radiographers and other professionals have been pointing this out for years: there aren't enough staff to deliver the treatments that patients need.

The National Radiotherapy Advisory Group report must be made public and ministers must respond to the issues it raises. Mike Richards, the National Cancer director, has indicated that the report would form part of the cancer reform strategy. But this could mean that nothing will be in the public domain until the end of the year. We desperately need to know the findings. As the population ages, the demand for care is rising. Action has to be taken now to meet that demand and develop the capacity required for the future.

Richard Evans
Chief executive officer
Society and College of Radiographers
London SE1

This article first appeared in the 12 February 2007 issue of the New Statesman, Sunni v Shia